I love finding balance and food is a wonderful and exciting pathway towards it. I believe our bodies and minds function best when fueled with whole and natural sustenance. For many years I struggled with depression, anxiety, poor quality sleep, PMS, mood swings, and low energy levels throughout my days. When I could no longer stand the struggle, I did what we all do when looking for answers: I googled. I googled and googled in search of an explanation for my symptoms and was met with one word over and over: Sugar. And so began my road from mindless eating to conscious eating. I began to investigate food and it’s effects on my body and my mind. I learned the many words for sugar and how to avoid it. I read labels, bought more foods outside of packaging than within, and discovered the value of food without chemicals. I redefined my relationship with food and have never been more in love.

I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Initially it was the “Nutrition” aspect that appealed to me, but I have since become keenly fascinated by the “Holistic” perspective. Holistic means that we address the person and their unique circumstances and conditions that lead to the symptoms, not the symptoms themselves. We will not be working together to find the best diet, but the best therapeutic dietary lifestyle for you, the individual.

Just like yoga, eating is a practice of self examination and self love. Through the awareness that comes with this examination, we become empowered to take charge of our own health. Through this love, we remember that we’re worth it.

Jayme Burke, R.H.N.

Specializing in anxiety and depression, stress management, PMS and dysmenorrhea, digestive issues, and blood sugar imbalances.